ACCelerate Festival 2019 Plaza Interactive

ACCelerate Festival, Smithsonian Museum of American History. April 5-6th 2019
Virginia Tech Campaign Kick-Off, Moss Arts Center, October 11th, 2019

Our team was commissioned to design and install a digital interactive sculpture on the Washington Mall Plaza of the Smithsonian Museum of American History. This project was the external highlight of the second bi-annual ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festival. The collaborative team involved faculty and students from the School of Visual Arts and School of Music @ Virginia Tech as well as a faculty specializing in microelectronics from the University of Georgia. A custom PCB "wand" with a scroll wheel, button, and colored LED prompted positional audio tracks and visual animations projected onto the 9 custom forms in 3 groups. The audience could create an orchestra of audio visual content that engaged approximately 6,000 participants and was viewed by over 60,000 passersby over the 3 day festival.

Art Direction - Thomas Tucker

Technical Director - George Hardebeck

Sound Design: Tanner Upthegrove

Animation: David Franusich

Microelectronics: Matthew Swarts

On Site Assistance: Nate King, Phat Nugyen, John Hamilton, Xindi Liu, Huy Ngo

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