Dense Space: IL Mobile

A combination of molded fiberglass spheres and anaglyph (red/cyan 3D) projection mapping are used to cast 3D projections that warp and distort the felt space. Walls turn into organically sculpted forms while the fiberglass transmits the tinted light along its form. Red and cyan, fighting over dominance, blending together or overpowering the other. All shifting by the natural and subtle shifts of air in the room.


Winner of the At the Nexus Award for being at the heart of science, engineering, and art

Art Director - Paola Zellner

Composer - Charles Nichols

Technical Director(Rigging): Adam Burke

Technical Director(Lighting): George Hardebeck

South-Western Virginia Science Museum, Circle in the Square. Roanoke, VA. Jan 1, 2018 - Ongoing

International Computer Music Conference. Daegu, South Korea. Aug 6-10, 2018

ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festival,

3rd Floor South Gallery Smithsonian Museum of American History. Washington, DC. Oct 13 - 15, 2017

ICAT Day. Experience Studio, Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg VA. May 2, 2016.