Museum of American History Projection Mapping Project 

As part of the ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation festival myself and a team of students and faculty from Virginia Tech's Creative Technologies MFA were commissioned to develop a site specific architectural animation for the mall facade of the Smithsonian Museum of American History. My role in this project was that of both project manager, technical specialist, and animator. It was an amazing opportunity to work with the Smithsonian Institute and the Lemelson Center to bring to fruition such a large project. More information to be added later

ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festival 2017

Smithsonian Museum of American History

Director: Thomas Tucker
Composer: Tohm Judson
Engineer: George Hardebeck
Animators: Daniel Monzel, George Hardebeck, Huy Ngo

Lighting and Rendering: Xindi Liu

Special Thanks: Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology (ICAT), Virginia Tech, Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Museum of American History, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), School of Visual Arts at VT, Ben Knapp, Jeff Brodie, Holly Williams, Melissa Myers, Donna Raines, William Reynolds, Dan Holm, Nick Corrigan, Phat Nguyen, Todd Ogle, David Hicks, Matt Ebert, Studio 72 Volunteers

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