Bringing Fossils Back to Life:An Immersive (VR) Fossil Excavation

I was sent out with the VT Paleobiology Research Group into the Triassic red beds of Wyoming to film an immersive documentary on the excavation of a phytosaur skeleton. My responsibility included all filming (360, 3D, and traditional B roll), equipment management and transportation at the remote field location. When we returned to Virginia Tech I took on the responsibility of compositing the immersive media and editing the final film.

Producer: Michelle Stocker

Director: George Hardebeck

Cinematography: George Hardebeck

Editing: George Hardebeck

Virginia Tech Science Festival. The Cube, Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech, Blackburg, VA. Oct. 27, 2018

ICAT Day. The Cube, Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. April 30, 2018

Land permission: Director Ben Snyder and Wind River Tribal Fish and Game
Fieldwork assistance: Alex Bradley, Caitlin Colleary, Hunter Edwards, Chris Griffin, Devin Hoffman, Krista Koeller, Emily Lessner, Ava Menza, Sterling Nesbitt, Mitchell Riegler, and Brenen Wynd of the VT Paleobiology Research Group; Randall Irmis, Tylor Birthisel, and Keegan Melstrom of the Natural History Museum of Utah.
Funding: The Jurassic Foundation, ICAT, VT Department of Geosciences