Moogfest 2018

Moogfest 2018 was an opportunity to create an installation that transformed a historic building in downtown Durham into a portal through which the public could experience the music and art transpiring in their city's venues, clubs, and theater. Live streaming media was broadcast from the various events occurring throughout the evenings of the 3 day music and arts festival. This media was then captured, mixed and finally projected onto the facade of 123 West Main St as an encapsulation of what was happening now, across all of Durham. A predominately private and ticketed event thus had a public outlet where the whole city could partake in the events of the evening.

Art Director - George Hardebeck

Software Engineer - George Hardebeck

Motion Graphics - David Franusich

On Site Support: Phat Nguyen, David Franusich, Huy Ngo

Moogfest 2018. 123 West Main. Durham, NC. May 17 - 20, 2018

Special Thanks: Rachel Weaver, Zach Duer, Paola Zellner. ICAT: Ben Knapp, Holly Williams, Tanner Upthegrove, Melissa Myers, Todd Ogle, Lisa Jansen, Doug Whitney, Nick Corrigan. Moogfest Team: Kai Riedl, Ioan Opris, Parag Bhandari, Sean Thegen, Billie Patterson, James Petrine. On Site Support: Phat Nguyen, David Franusich, Claire Welling, Tate Rogers. Institutional Partners:
Moogfest, Nationwide Video, Self Help Credit Union, Graduate Student Assembly VT
School of Architecture and Urban Studies, ICAT, The City of Durham, Global Breath, The Pinhook

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